I would like to invite everyone who visits this site to also visit my new web site. The site, Gentle Pilates, includes information on Fibromyalgia, Breast Cancer and movement.

Pilates is an exercise that can be used with fibromyalgia, it allows us to improve body awareness, range of motion, balance, flexibility and muscular strength. Pilates exercises emphasis movement and low to no impact on the joints, but still allow the muscles to be worked through a full range of motion.

Gentle Pilates is movement done in a slow and controlled manner with quality verses quantity, reducing the possibility of over working and causing pain. The emphasis on a full breath will benefit a fibromyalgia patient by reducing their stress level. Gentle Pilates allows the client to reap the benefits of exercise without the exhaustion of a typical strength routine. It is another tool in our “toolbox” to help control pain.